Paredon Surf House | The Surf House at El Paredon - How to get there, public transportation, private shuttles, self driving directions to El Paredon Guatemala surfing
Paredon Surf House - How to get there. Public Transportation, Private Shuttles, Self-driving instructions. Enjoy surfing on Guatemala's Pacific Coast at El Paredon Beach.
El Paredon Guatemala, driving instructions, getting there, arriving to Pacific Coast Guatemala
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Where are we?

Paredón Surf House is located next to the tiny fishing village of El Paredón, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the South-East and the Sipacate Mangrove Nature Reserve to the North-West.

Following the coastal road north from Puerto San José, just past the residential development of Juan Gaviota is a 14 km dirt track that leads to the village of El Paredón. The road ends at the village, where the mangroves and estuary meet the Pacific Ocean. El Paredón is also accessible by boat from Sipacate.

Our exact GPS Coordinates are: 13.915918, -91.069651

Find us at Google Maps or Waze!

How to arrive

There are 2 ways to get to the Surf House: Your own car or Tourist Shuttle.

  • If you’re coming by private car (just under 2 hours from Antigua), use Google Maps or Waze and it’ll lead you right to us!
  • The most common way to arrive is by Tourist Shuttle (2 hours from Antigua). Third-party shuttles now run daily from Antigua to El Paredón for Q.110 per person, which we can easily arrange for you.
  • We also arrange private shuttles. This is a door-to-door service meaning no lugging baggage across Antigua to meet the shuttle bus. We charge Q 700 flat fee up to 3 people from Antigua, and Q 850 flat fee up to 3 people from Guatemala City including the airport (2.5-3 hours).

Advanced booking is always required for shared or private shuttle services.

“Enter Paredon Surf House. Two hours from Antigua. Miles down a dirt road with nothing in any direction but grass and happy cows. Bamboo huts on stilts surrounding a pool, beside which we eat dinner together under twinkling lights and the stars.