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Paredon Surf House - Guatemala surfing hotel, surf accommodation, beachfront hostel and guest house. About El Paredon
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The Surf House early days

Paredon Surf House was the dream house of two surfers, James and Christoph, who had been coming to Paredon for the excellent surf for years. In 2008 they began building the surf house, which was soon filled by all of their friends. Then, in 2010 they decided to open their weekend retreat as a surf camp and guest house, not only for surfers but for anyone searching for an alternative to the crowded tourist beaches of Guatemala. As their vision for their surf hotel grew, they added two private Beachfront Bungalows, a pool, a rustic gourmet menu, and a variety of activities. In June 2010, they opened the hotel to the public to rave reviews.

Not long afterward, Mathias, a good friend and the original manager of the Surf House, joined on as a full partner. As a result, the hotel was expanded and two further Beachfront Bungalows were built, as well as the two Seaview Suites with private bathrooms. A couple of years later more friends joined in and built the Casitas. While the Surf House has grown a bit in size, the soul of the place is still just as it ever was: a great little place for all our friends to enjoy!

Supporting local conservation efforts

We also believe in preserving the natural environment around us. We assist local marine biologists working with sea turtles that reside in “Poza del Nance,” a turtle sanctuary in the local estuary behind the village of El Paredon. Not only is this an awesome activity for our guests to take part in, it raises awareness about conservation within the local community. We also lend support to local the local government agency that is responsible for sustainably managing the mangrove forests, and contribute to reforestation efforts. 

Our commitment to the community

We believe strongly in the community of El Paredon and the important role we play in it to support the local economy. From offering jobs to locals and buying locally whenever possible, to educating the community about recycling and waste management, and to things as simple as sponsoring our local football team with uniforms, we’re always looking for ways to be active and supportive for the community.

Meet the Surf House team!

We are so proud of our hard-working team. Working with friendly locals from El Paredon village is one of the reasons our surf “house” feels more like a surf “home.” We are the Surf House family, and we can’t wait to meet you and make you feel part of it. 

Jose: General Manager

Nadin: Assistant manager

Foncho: Maintenance manager

Leo: Maintenance

Chiara: Reception

Raúl: Reception

Yesi: Housekeeping

Yeri: Housekeeping

Ara: Restaurant manager

Lupe: Restaurant

Orlando: Restaurant

Ximena: Restaurant

Dayli: Restaurant

Antonio: Watchman

Wicho: Watchman

Jairo: Surf Instructor

Tato: Surf Instructor

“The surf house supports a social enterprise, La Choza Chula, which has built a secondary school and library in the village, and provides English lessons for children.”


— The Guardian – “10 of the best surf locations in the world”